A construction project is complex. Many things happen at the same time, making it key to gather and disseminate up-to-date information. Construction verification has to be top-notch if an infrastructure design is to meet its set of specifications.

A time-consuming process, many factors come into play before and during construction, which can all be over- or under-estimated. The problem with mistakes on these sites? They can cost millions.

This is why quick and accurate communication is critical. Email, telephone, and SMS are not efficient methods to accurately document a construction project’s verification status. …

There’s a reason box-tickets at the rugby or soccer stadium are so expensive; from the sky, your view of the game is better. You can see the strategies each team is using, all from the comfort of your chair.

It’s the same with using drones for mine surveying .

The rolling terrain of any mining operation makes it difficult to see the bigger picture when surveying on foot, or by vehicle. And it’s expensive by helicopter. These methods are time consuming and costly, the information gathered often riddled with inaccuracies.

Drones suffer none of these inefficiencies.

Better data, better mine

When using a drone…

There’s a lot of hype around using drones for land surveying .

Much of it stems from the obvious efficiencies involved: a single survey drone can replace a human-led land surveying team, making quick work of their expensive and laborious labour. Others point to the safety element: some terrains are plainly dangerous for humans to survey on foot.

But while there’s obvious merit to the efficiency and safety arguments for using drones in land surveying , it’s the ability of these nimble ‘eyes in the sky’ to solve real business problems that we find most exciting.

Improving industries

Land surveying drones can…

Property managers are under constant pressure to optimise their time and resources. If you’re in the property management industry, you know how important it is to cut costs and improve efficiency across your property inspection portfolio.

But inspecting high-rise infrastructure, parking lots , or roofs can take weeks — time your engineers could have spent on your next property project.

There are many cost and risk factors to consider, including:

● Capital layout: Setting up structures like scaffolding for conventional inspection is expensive and time-consuming.

● Manpower: During a parking lot inspection , for example, visual inspectors are required to…

Drone technology has endless applications and the construction industry is no exception. With the ever changing and growing technology and access to that technology has become more affordable, drone use will continue to surge.

Drones in Construction:

The use of drones in construction gives us the timeline of the entire project.

· 3D modelling and Actual BIM

· Site Modelling

· Geo Reference Surveys

· 4k Hight Resolution Inspection

· Site Planning

· Volume Calculations

· Construction Monitoring

· Live Tracking Of Assets

Gauteng Infrastructure MEC Jacob Mamabolo launched the departments first drone programme at the Phillip Moyo Community Centre in Ethwathwa, outside Benoni.

The MEC says the main reason for using drones in infrastructure is to increase efficiency and promote the current projects to become high performance projects. The department is currently running infrastructure projects valued at R 4.5 billion. The drone platform will be incorporated with the department’s nerve centre, Lutsinga Infrastructure House. Drone artificial intelligence will be integrated with the current business intelligence platform.

Construction Project Management is a professional service to plan, design and oversee a construction project from inception to completion. This service involves constant visits to remote construction sites and going through countless reports weekly. The introduction of mobile phones has allowed site managers to capture images of separate section of the construction site. Though this has allowed for the entire team to have some visuals of the construction project, no-one has a holistic view of the entire construction site and data analysis is non-existent.

old construction view

Drone Technology and Artificial Intelligence has enabled multiple industries to automate and gather more data faster…


Single source of truth for your infrastructure & mining projects.

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